Friday, February 03, 2006

How to remove BlackWorm, W32.Blackmal.E@mm

Blackworm Virus is a nasty Internet worm that spreads by e-mail via messages with infected attachments. The user can accidentally infect a computer by opening a malicious e-mail attachment or running an infected executable file.Blackworm is an extremely dangerous and rapidly spreading Internet worm.
Blackworm is also known as Nyxem.e, Nyxem.d, Blackmal.e, Mywife.d and KamaSutra worm.
It deletes essential executables and library files related to popular antiviruses and other security-related programs and some file sharing applications. All this corrupts installed software and compromises system security. On the third day of every month, Blackwork destroys all text documents (.doc, .pdf), spreadsheets (.xls), presentations (.ppt, .pps), databases (.mdb, .mde), archives (.rar, .zip), images (.psd) and memory dumps (.dmp) it finds in the compromised system. This may lead to catastrophic data losses.
Black worm Virus is a very high risk threat and should be removed immediately to prevent harm to your computer and your privacy.
Automatic Blackworm removal Tool
Blackworm manual removal:
Kill processes: movies.exe, new winzip file.exe, rundll16.exe, scanregw.exe, update.exe, winzip.exe, winzip_tmp.exe, zipped files.exe.